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Our Mission

Our ocean bottom seismic technology helps improve exploration success by accurately locating hydrocarbon deposits.

Supporting existing methods of seismic surveying with comparison data to increase certainty when making decisions about drilling.

Providing technology that is adaptable, non-intrusive and more accurate at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods.

Utilising more than 50 years' industry experience to revolutionise well positioning.

Improve exploration success

The ability to see more clearly subsurface helps to improve exploration success. Our subsea micro-seismic surveying technology helps companies make the right drilling decisions.


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Micro-seismic technology

With 50 years of scientific research, our Ocean Bottom Seismometer technology uses micro-seismic data acquisition and interpretation to help companies more accurately locate hydrocarbon deposits.

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Listen subsurface

Our vessel-deployed buoys record low-frequency signals from the seabed. They are recovered by an automatic resurfacing system, data is collected and sent to our laboratory for interpretation.


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