Melekess Basin

Melekess Basin

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  • Date: 21 Jul, 2018

Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. Eastern side of the Melekess Basin. Carbonate deposits of medium carbon.

Exploration task; depth of investigation: 900-1000 m

Two structures, located within 6 km of each other, were investigated in an area with identified deposits in the Bashkir-Vereskian sediments on adjacent structures. The western structure is characterized as unpromising from the point of view of hydrocarbon deposits, and within the eastern structure oil-promising areas have been identified that divide the structure into two parts.

The establishment of exploratory drilling after the LFS studies in the south-western domes of the western structure did not reveal oil-saturated objects (during testing, the inflow was not received). However, as a result of drilling the exploratory well within the eastern structure, a commercial inflow of oil was achieved from the Middle Carboniferous Bashkir-Vereskian sediments.

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