Nadym-Tazovsk Syneclise

Nadym-Tazovsk Syneclise

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  • Date: 23 Jul, 2018

Western Siberia, Russia. Nadym-Tazovsk syneclise. Terrigenous deposits – layer Ю1-1

Exploration task; depth of investigation: 3100-3300 m

A feature of this area of work is a significant number of disconnected deposits, the structure of which is complicated by a large number of discontinuous faults.  The purpose of the study was to estimate the halo of the distribution of the oil deposit within the area of drilled exploratory well No. 1.

According to the results of the conducted investigations, nine wells were drilled within the scope of the site. When testing wells Nos. 2-9, commercial oil inflows ranging between 100 and 190 tons/day were obtained. Well No. 10 fell into the zone of tectonic disturbance and the inflow from this well was not received.

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