26 3月, 2020

As global effects of coronavirus COVID-19 continue to evolve, TenzorGEO is firmly committed to the health and safety of its employees, clients, affiliates and to serving our communities.

We are closely monitoring the situation as it changes and complying with the public health guidance and extensive Governmental measures.

TenzorGEO team is working from home now and all face to face meetings are rescheduled as teleconferences.

We also recognise that many projects across oil & gas industry are now on hold due to COVID-19 pandemic and associated market volatility. If you or your team have some spare time TenzorGEO is happy to provide a no-obligation introduction session into new Microseismic technologies: Low-frequency Seismic Sounding (LFS) and Full Wave Location (FWL). Alternatively, you can just take a look at some of the case studies around these technologies HERE.

To this effect TenzorGEO would like our current and potential clients to know that we are available for you and can be reached online for your questions and chats as we chart the course for business following the end of this outbreak.

Together, we will prevail and chart a course for a better tomorrow.